December 2005

Color For Interior Design

Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

  • 115 West 18th Street
  • New York , NY


abc Color for Interior Design xyz immediately appeals as a coffee table book but is actually a substantial yet easy-to-read volume on the history, meaning, and application of color in interiors. Rompilla, an award-winning professor of color theory and practicing interior designer, manages to survey thousands of years of art and interiors while remaining utterly focused on the subject. And to underscore the insights Rompilla offers on color in interiors, she has included large vibrant photos of interiors from the Davanzati Palace in Florence to the Frank Lloyd Wright Room in Wayzata, Minnesota, art works by Chagall, Kandinsky and Giotto, and artifacts like a 19th century Navajo wool blanket and Achaemenian gold bowl from Iran, circa 500 BC.

A small section offers practical advice on creating a color scheme for your interior, such as:

  • Mimic the tonal values of the sky, foliage, and earth by creating a room with a light ceiling, medium walls, and dark floor.
  • Mimic nature’s distribution of color in its accessories, such as birds and flowers, by choosing furniture, draperies, and other accents in more intense colors.
  • Consider the architecture and light of a room abc before xyz fabrics and furniture.
  • Dark or vivid colors work well in darker rooms.
  • Three colors work better than just two, in a room’s color scheme.

Students of interior design and color theory would definitely love this book, as it discusses their favorite subject in an informal way. But even those with a developing interest in these areas would enjoy this exploration of color in interior design.

Reviewer: Kirstie Harless, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.