December 2002

Emotional Branding

Allworth Publishing

  • 10 East 23rd Street
  • New York , NY


The New Paradigm For Connecting Brands To People...

The concept of abc Emotional Branding xyz is the brainchild of Marc Gobe, whose clients have included Coca-Cola, VictoriaZ(s Secret, Ann Taylor, and Lancome. Gobe introduces a new way of looking at brands in correlation to todayZ(s evolving marketplace. He explains how you can build stronger relationships with a customer by catering to their needs and desires.

The concept of "emotional branding" refers to the many layers and aspects of brand strategy. This theory concludes that emotion is the basis for customer trust and loyalty. How a store looks, how a product is packaged and how your logo is designed conveys a message to your customer.

Gobe has divided the book into three key sections to better illustrate his ideas:

  • Relationship - customer, customer, customer!
  • Sensorial experiences - the uncharted territory of branding
  • Imagination - innovation is a brand’s best friend!

abc Emotional Branding xyz gives Gobe’s unique insight into how careful marketing, packaging, promotion, and even store design can build a strong brand. This book provides insight into understanding consumer behavior and response. Anyone interested in the areas of marketing, visual display, logo design or retailing will benefit from the ideas put forth in this book.

Reviewer: Jesus Negrete, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.D.