August 2012

Sportswear International

Sportswear International

  • 611 Broadway, Room 809
  • New York, NY

(212) 727-7337

8 times per year

$135.00 per year

A must–read for anyone in the fashion industry whether a wage earner or a consumer. This magazine’s main focus is denim, along with current and upcoming fashion trends. Sportswear International is published eight times a year. Limiting itself to an emphasis on denim, they have decided to have a laser-like focus on one section of the industry instead of trying to cover it all. Their professed depth instead of width comes through immediately, with an aesthetic that is modern yet timeless, like the subject itself.

Fashion: Read all about the designers working with the newest trends in denim, whether in jeans, tops, or skirts. Their international coverage will keep a reader up to date on the next level of fashion and specifically the coverage of denim.

Industry News: The coverage of the fashion industry, specifically denim, is comprehensive. With more than 35 years of experience, they have all the necessary information for the fashion industry.

Company Profiles: The magazine features companies relevant to the industry, including emerging brands.

Interviews: Full of interviews with fashion designers and VIPs, this magazine includes essential inspiration for any decision makers.

Recap: Sportswear International claims to be a must-read for anyone in the fashion industry. When it comes to denim, its claim is accurate. Their international outlook on fashion trends and their focus and experience in the world of denim shine through the pages. The photography and artistic slant are visually appealing, and the interviews are quite informative. This magazine is perfect for students and professionals in the industry.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Seth Porter