August 2011

Do you need information on agriculture, fiber and textiles, or market information? Do you need information on fabrics? Cotton Incorporated is an extremely helpful website that could assist you to find all of this information, easily! Cotton Inc. is a very structured, user friendly website that provides up-to-date information on all topics related to textiles.

Cotton Inc. offers great quality information. Although the graphics aren’t too exciting, the layout of the website is easy to navigate. This website has several key features:

•     The Cotton Works Global Fabric Library - This directory will help you source cotton in woven, knits, home furnishings, and lace/trim constructions that contain 100% cotton or are cotton-rich.

•     Fabricast – This is a collection of unique textile products that are annually developed for home markets and apparel. Comparable to a trend forecast for textiles, it is divided into collections.

•     Cotton Inc. EFS System – This engineered fiber selection system manages the high-quality yarns that the industry’s leading competitors utilize. Here you can view a sourcing directory of companies that utilize the EFS system.

Cotton Inc. also features a list of consumer websites and a glossary of fabric defects, a reliable resource that defines common defect terminology. Cotton Inc. is highly recommended and an all-round excellent resource that anyone in the fashion or textile industry should utilize.

Reviewer: Vanessa Harrison , FIDM Library Staff Member