August 2011

Nylon Guys Magazine

Nylon Holding Inc.

  • 110 Green Street, Suite. 607
  • New York, NY



$9.95 per year per year

Nylon Guys is the dude-centric counterpart to Nylon magazine. Like its namesake, Nylon Guys has a youthful, edgy vibe, and hip celebrities like Michael Pitt, Jason Schwartzman, and Lupe Fiasco appear on the cover each month. Fashion is the chief focus of Nylon Guys , but art, music, and technology also play major roles in the magazine’s content. Eye-catching graphics and creative design complete the package.

Rather than focus on what designers are showing on the runway, Nylon Guys prefers to keep its ear to the street when it comes to trend-spotting. A major portion of each issue is dedicated to street style, featuring outfits worn by regular guys photographed in their natural habitat. A piece of each guy’s outfit (acid-wash jean jackets, rain boots, brightly-colored pants, etc.) is highlighted and readers can compare similar items at different price points.

Nylon Guys travels the world to find the coolest galleries, restaurants, and shops. Album reviews and interviews with creative young movers and shakers are also regular features. Stripped of the high-gloss that other periodicals have, Nylon Guys is a magazine for “real” guys (and gals!) who want to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and youth culture.

Reviewer: Elise Polglaze, FIDM Library Staff Member