August 2010

The Costume Society of America is a website dedicated to the global understanding of all aspects of dress and appearance. The Costume of Society of America was founded in March of 1973 and since then has been providing grants, scholarships, and information for students and educators to pursue their research into fashions past, present, and future. The Costume Society of America strives for five major goals:

  • Stimulate scholarships and encourage study in the field of costume
  • Disperse information on dress and appearance
  • Raise awareness and credibility of the field of costume
  • Network among members and other organizations with costume interests
  • Manage and govern the organization to serve the members

The Costume Society of America offers several publications, including abc Dress: The Journal of the Costume Society of America xyz and a newsletter which can be accessed through their website. There are also several books that have been written by members of the Costume Society of America which can be purchased through Amazon or the CSA website. Another great feature of the website is the calendar of events, providing details, dates, and websites of international events that occur relating to costume. The website is free to access and offers paid memberships to individuals, institutions, and corporate businesses. Along with other benefits, a membership allows the user to gather research from links on the site which only members can access.

The Costume Society of America is an ideal website for students, writers, historians, and researchers to compile information on all areas of dress and appearance. The website is user friendly and offers a chance at networking with others around the world via the events calendar. It is highly recommended to purchase or at least browse the Costume Society of America’s publications and books, which are filled with detailed photographs&information.

Reviewer: Vanessa Harrison, FIDM Library Staff Member