August 2010


United Colors of Benetton

  • Colors Magazine, Fabrica <br /> Via Ferrarezza, 31020
  • Catena di Villorba (TV), Italy

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20 Italy, 30 Europe, 38 Rest of the World per year

A Magazine about the Rest of the World

Before “green” was the new “black” and eco-awareness became part of today’s supra-consciousness, COLORS magazine planted the seed when it hit the newsstands nearly two decades ago as “A magazine about the Rest of the World.” Brainchild of two influential creative directors of the nineties, Olivieri Toscani (head of advertising for Italian clothing empire Benetton) and Tibor Kalman (Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine), COLORS is an extension of the United Colors of Benetton’s ideological legacy that continues to embrace the global village. Benetton’s communication research center, Fabrica, based in Italy, actively recruits creativity motivated towards socio–environmental issues. Archives of Benetton’s thought–provoking ad campaigns shattered norms by covering subjects considered almost too taboo to mention such as AIDS, racial tolerance, and the death penalty.

On the eve of celebrating COLORS’ twentieth year in circulation, this seasonal quarterly periodical proves to still be on point with subject matters that make us critically think about cultural diversity surrounding a certain theme. This year’s Spring Issue number 77 highlights “The Sea” published before the wake of history’s recent catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “In this interactive issue, Augmented Reality (AR)…allows readers to reveal the full story behind the photos in the magazine by simply pointing them towards a webcam. Combining reality with the virtual, COLORS 77 encourages readers to explore the intimate bond between our destinies and that of the oceans.” To find full content or contribute, visit online at

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member