August 2008

Archive Magazine

Lerzers International Archive American Edition

  • 200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1703
  • New York, NY

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Bi-monthly Six times a year

$89.40 per year per year

In our culture of mash-ups, what might be the expected result of combining abc Advertising Age xyz with abc Print xyz ?  The possibilities range from an undersized rag of painfully humorless text that is accompanied by the dullest of content to an overstuffed buffet of wit and imagery that has such heft that it “reads” more book than magazine.  This hypothetical is really no hypothetical at all as the challenge of this mash has been met and, luckily for us, the result is none of the former and so much of the latter.   abc Archive xyz magazine is a bi-monthly publication from Lerzer’s International and actually delivers on its offering of the very best from, “Ads, TV and Posters worldwide.”

Initially, some may disregard this publication on the assumption that its content is exclusive to the interests of students pursuing degrees in Graphic Design or Merchandise Marketing.  However, it’s a great resource for students from any FIDM major and offers great examples of color, composition, concept, and imagery.  In addition to featuring the very best examples of advertisements from around the world, each issue of abc Archive xyz also includes:

  • Student work.
  • Summaries of clever TV ads.
  • Interviews with industry professionals.
  • ‘Classics’ that features exemplary ad’s from prior issues.

The advertisements themselves, both print and TV, are organized by subject which allows for quick browsing.  Each issue is stacked with ads of great wit, gravity and creativity.  At its best, abc Archive xyz is sure to leave the reader with a rush of inspiration and at its worst a smile.  Finally, a mash-up that’s sum is much greater than its ingredients.

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.