August 2004

Lucky Magazine

Conde Nast Publications

  • 4 Times Square
  • New York, NY




$12.00/ per year per year

The Magazine About Shopping

We’ve always been led to believe that America’s favorite pastime is baseball. However, I’ve always thought it was shopping. abc Lucky Magazine xyz must agree with me because they advertise themselves as, “The magazine about shopping.” This title is a lot to live up to, but they continue to impress each and every month.

Included in every issue are such features as:

  • Our Obsessions
  • At The Shoot
  • Shops We Love
  • Lucky Breaks
  • Lucky’s Editors Picks

One of the great things about this particular magazine is their ability to tailor the magazine to whatever part of the country you reside in. Each city has listings for places to shop for whatever you might be searching for, be it accessories, home furnishings, or clothing. Not just about clothing and accessories, Lucky also incorporates a large heaping of beauty products. Another bonus is the fact that this magazine is well laid out and wonderfully illustrated. This is a must read for fashionistas and reluctant shoppers alike.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member