August 2004

El Pueblo: The Historic Heart of Los Angeles

Getty Publications

  • 1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 500
  • Los Angeles , CA


Would you like to see photos of historic fashion and architecture in Los Angeles? Are you curious about the history of downtown LA? Want to learn more about the controversial Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros? Then abc El Pueblo: The Historic Heart of Los Angeles xyz is a book you should definitely check out.

Photos and descriptions of Los Angeles history include:

  • “América Tropicale” the highly controversial mural painted by Sisqueiros in 1932
  • Paintings, sketches and photos of fashion and architecture dating back to the 1830’s
  • A timeline of important events and population growth in Los Angeles

The historic heart of Los Angeles of the title is now Olvera Street, the site of present-day festivals and a lively marketplace. A visit to Olvera Street, just a few minutes north of FIDM’s LA campus, provides a look at the first major buildings in the city, and a little perspective on the more humble beginnings of what is now a sprawling metropolis.

Written by Jean Bruce Poole, the senior curator and historic museum director of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument from 1977-2001, abc El Pueblo xyz provides an easy-to-read history, starting with the settling of Los Angeles in 1781 through the present day. This informative book provides a balanced view of Los Angeles’ political and racial history. It offers interesting sidebars highlighting historic figures, like the first African Americans in Los Angeles, events, like the Mexican Muralism artistic movement, and places of architectural significance, like the Plaza Church built in 1822. Whether you are looking for a good overview of the history of Los Angeles, or specific information on area architecture, art and social movements, abc El Pueblo xyz is an objective source for reference.

Reviewer: Jennifer Ruden, FIDM Library Staff Member