August 2003

Another Magazine

Another Publishing Limited

  • 112 Old Street

011 44 (0) 207 336 0966



$14.99/ per issue per year

abc Another Magazine xyz is a British periodical brought to you by the publishers of abc Dazed & Confused xyz . Issued bi-annually to coincide with the fashion seasons (spring/summer and fall/winter), abc Another Magazine xyz focuses on being anything but its plain and ordinary name. The magazine is more like a thick volume of forward-bending images and ideas rather than a thin journal filled with simple text and overtly spouted trends.

abc Another Magazine xyz caters to men and women with a curious thirst for the underdogs of fashion, music, literature, art, and society. Each page turned evokes the edgy, alternative and many times daring.

The current issues contains such sections as:

  • Fashion
  • Summer Collections
  • Interviews
  • Art Project
  • Another Bright Idea

With each edition, abc Another Magazine xyz invites an array of artists to express a different side of their creativity...stepping away from the medium they are known for. Fashion designers may turn into temporary art directors while vintage icons might be resurrected as elite models. By pushing the envelope and offering new ways of doing and seeing things, abc Another Magazine xyz succeeds in offering ultra fresh ideas with a brand new source to serve the reader as inspiration

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member