August 2002


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Your Complete Guide To What’s Underfoot...

Looking for the perfect shoe store in your area? How about the perfect Summer sandal? Do you want to read an interview with the hot design team of Siegerson Morrison? This is just a sample of what you will find within the pages of abc Shuz xyz magazine, the magazine for the shoe lover in all of us! abc Shuz xyz is published quarterly and features the season’s hottest footwear along with regular departments such as news, beauty, resources, and retailers.

Every issue features "the guide" which covers the most up-to-date styles in such categories as:

  • Loafers and flats
  • Pumps and sandals
  • Couture
  • Evening
  • Fashion sport

Although footwear is the main focus, abc Shuz xyz also ventures into the world of accessories. There is even a regular column dedicated to beauty products with an emphasis on foot care, of course. This magazine is required reading prior to searching for that new pair of boots, loafers, pumps, or slides. You are guaranteed to make a well informed choice if you consult your abc Shuz xyz "guide" before hitting your nearest mall.

Reviewer: Monika Earle., FIDM Library Staff Member