April 2014

The Legend of Hercules

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Millennium Films

Run Time 99.0
The Legend of Hercules

Abs, beards and betrayal, The Legend of Hercules recounts the story of a Greek Hero. Sure Hercules is played by the hunky Kellan Lutz, but the real star of the film is the facial hair. Men in Ancient Greece grew beards as a sign of maturity or to show they were not open to marry. In the film the strapping young Hercules dons more of a five o'clock shadow while his menacing macho stepfather King Amphitryon rocks a full beard. These day's beards are less of a rite of passage and more of a fashion statement. Beards are no longer exclusive to bears and hipsters; they have crossed over into mainstream culture. If you are looking for a movie with an engaging plot, plenty of action and loads of man candy, The Legend of Hercules fits the bill!

Reviewer: Jesse Negrete, Reference & Student Services Specialist FIDM San Diego Campus