April 2012

Retail Design International

RSD Publishing Inc.

  • 302 Fifth Avenue
  • New York, NY

(212) 279-7004

fax(212) 279-7014

Six times a year

$210.00 U.S., $240.00 Canada, $270.00 all other countries per year

Retail Design International is a handsome, glossy magazine dedicated to the world of retail and visual merchandising. Each month this magazine presents case studies from some of the most fascinating retail spaces the world over. What sets Retail Design apart from its competitors is the detail and depth of each article. There are literally pages and pages for each store’s photographs. For example, in the current issue they review A’maree’s in Newport Beach, California. The piece contains no fewer than eight stunning pages of photographs of this beachfront boutique. The reader gets a very unique view of this beautiful space.

Another unique aspect of this magazine is the detail provided on the design team behind the space including the project designer, contractor, and lighting designer. A glimpse is provided of the planning and thought process behind each individual project. Retail Design goes out of their way to take the reader around the world. The latest issue showcases such exotic locales as Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, and Helsinki. Talk about spanning the globe! You may not be able to travel to all of these locations to shop, but this magazine may be the next best thing.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Monika Earle