April 2011

Hollywood Then and Now

Thunder Bay Press, Advantage Publishers Group

  • 5880 Oberlin Drive
  • San Diego , CA


“Hollywood Then and Now” is a fitting tribute to the city of dreams, Hollywood. This book lovingly recounts the history and majesty of this city of the rich and famous known the world over. There are many side-by-side then and now pictures of Hollywood through the ages, from the iconic Farmers Market to the legendary Chateau Marmont, built in 1929 as the Chateau Marmont apartment house and renamed "hotel" in 1931. The chateau is probably best known for being the location where John Belushi died in 1982. It is also fun to see where some of the Hollywood classic haunts have gone. For instance, Schwa''s Drugstore, where Lana Turner was discovered, later became the Virgin Megastore on the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights.

The history of cinema is also covered in this book because it is inextricably linked to Los Angeles. This includes coverage of Rudolph Valentino and his untimely demise at thirty-one, as well as the history of the top movie studios from Fox to Paramount, told in loving detail. One of the best pictures is the famous Bronson gate which so elegantly symbolizes Paramount Studios both in 1934 and in all of its present-day glory.

This book is complete with amazing photographs and trivia to tempt the most ardent cinephile. One does not have to Love L.A., as the song goes, to enjoy this book, but it couldn't hurt. Hollywood Then and Now is part nostalgia and part history lesson. Either way, you will be captivated.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member