April 2010



The Internet Archive is described as a “non-profit digital library” that has taken on the daunting task of providing a permanent home for websites and other types of information artifacts (audio files, live music, images, etc.) and making them freely available and accessible to the masses. Internet Archive has teamed up with institutions such as the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution to provide visitors and researchers alike an impressive collection of “…free texts, moving images, audio, and software to anyone with an Internet connection.”

Searches can be conducted using familiar methods like: subject and keyword; with the added feature of searching by media type. Search Internet Archive for:

  • Classic, full-length feature films
  • News broadcasts; radio shows; poetry readings
  • Texts (includes books included in Project Gutenberg and other select libraries)
  • Cartoons; films, and videogame videos
  • Live music concerts

There is much to choose from on this expansive database collection. Of particular interest is their feature “The Wayback Machine” . The “Machine” allows visitors to research and review over 150 billion web pages dating back to 1996! Interested browsers can take a look at the early days of Google and Wikipedia and see how these ubiquitous sources of information looked when first introduced and how they have since evolved.

Overall the Internet Archive contains a vast collection of materials and resources for the casual to most curious researcher and continues to grow with the help of members dedicated to preserving the digital culture of our society.

Reviewer: Lucy Bellamy, FIDM Library Staff Member