April 2009



Global Sources is not your ordinary database. This freely accessible website provides visitors with access to industry-specific and vetted online resources to make searching efficient and easy. Users have the option of searching this vast database in a way best-suited to their online investigative style. For example, visitors can opt to search by:

  • Product Categories
  • Buyer Services
  • Supplier Services
  • Trade Shows

Of particular interest is their Country Sourcing link found under their Our Other Sites tab. Searchers developing sourcing contacts for their products may conduct their search by country or region. For example, selecting Asian Sources will return results limited to that region and its surrounding territories. For those unsure of what they are looking for, the Advanced Search option provides browsers the opportunity to further refine their searches by providing categories for their Product and Supplier directories.

From fashion accessories to garments; to textiles to home products, Global Sources is a virtual one-stop online website with something to satisfy most product, service, and supply needs.

Reviewer: Lucy Bellamy, FIDM Library Staff Member