April 2009


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abc GQ (GENTLEMENS QUARTERLY) xyz magazine is the foremost go-to guide for men. It is a monthly publication that covers many aspects of the modern mans lifestyle: fashion, sports, diet, technology, music, and politics. abc GQ xyz magazine focuses on the more refined gentleman whose search for style is endless and ever evolving with the times.

abc GQ xyz magazine first appeared in the late 1950s in the United States. It was a quarterly publication originally titled abc APPAREL ARTS xyz . The magazines main objective was to update the reader on fashion trends. It would soon be abandoned by its original publisher. Years later it would prove to have been dismissed too soon and it was sold to new ownership and revamped as abc GENTLEMENS QUARTERLY xyz . It was during this time that the magazine went beyond seasonal fashion updates and incorporated more variety. This well-dressed man not only cared about what he wore but also where he worked, what books he read, what films he watched, etc abc GQ xyz (as it later was abbreviated) served it up and delivered it to a niche market in demand for having their needs and wants attended to. What must be said is that this was also during a time when competition to abc GQ xyz was slim to none. It was an open area consisting of men that sought for themselves what their female counterparts had always looked for in VOGUE magazine.

abc GQ xyz magazine has seen many an editor who have added their key insight on what the current status of mens affairs entail. abc GQ xyz has also been published in a variety of languages therefore launching it into a global entity. In the saturated magazine market that exists in present times, abc GQ xyz has proven that it is here to stay.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member