April 2008



The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. provides amazing service to their customers.  It has four on-line exhibitions and two current ones. One is a permanent hands-on Activity Gallery, called the Textile Learning Center.  It provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about how textiles are made and how the environment influences the character of handmade textiles.  Visitors are encouraged to touch the textiles, learn how to weave and obtain knowledge about the techniques and processes used to create traditional textiles.  Samples of fibers and various stages of processing are used to explain how everything is being prepared for weaving.  Examples of dyestuffs (including crushed bugs) are added as well.

Textiles are the product of human artistry and creativity.  They reflect personal needs and cultural messages.  Many textiles serve a specific function and all are the result of human artistic expression.  The Textile Museum also offers an on-line service with the most commonly used textile terms.

It’s a great opportunity for educators, students, adults, and families to get familiar with the world of textiles.

Reviewer: Kristine Upeseleja, FIDM Library Staff Member