April 2008

The World of Interiors

Conde Nast Publications. Ltd.

  • 1 Hanover Square

020 7499 9080




£50.40 U.K./$79.00 U.S. per year per year

What a surprise abc The World of Interiors xyz turned out to be!  It may have stuffy covers aimed at affluent adults, but actually it’s a lot of fun.  Its timeline is long; its scope is international.  If you are ambitious, have an innate love of beauty and yearn for quality, this magazine can be your guiding light.  It’s full of unexpected juxtapositions, esoteric tidbits and juicy gossip about King George III.

Whereas other magazines have “Trends” and “Must Have” lists abc World of Interiors xyz calls it “Antennae.” Some examples are:

  • Hand carved chair legs in Chippendale mode, made by a firm of five generation furniture makers in High Wycombe, available for 1,400 pounds.
  • Ultra modern steel, sprayed red, origami table by young talent in Spain.
  • A flueless fire with mirrored fascia to replace that old 17th century-style French-limestone fireplace.
  • Fondazione Lisio’s ‘Mercurio’ fabric (702 pounds per meter) is inspired by the cloth that Mercury wears in Botticelli’s abc Primavera xyz . “If you copy the god and drape yourself in this jewel of silk cut velvets, you might raise a few eyebrows yourself. So maybe stick to dressing your windows with it.”

The style of writing is witty, the point of view elevated, and the illustrations lavish.  Where else can you go from 18th century trompe-l'oeil panels of climbing roses on trellis to an Italian designer’s sleek haven in Kenya?  They show modern chairs designed to the exact specifications of children’s line drawings and are extremely knowledgeable about toile de Jouy.  Sounds like a hodge-podge? No! Just supremely confident designers playing with a world’s worth of goodies.

Reviewer: San Francisco Judith Wehlau, FIDM Library Staff Member