April 2008

Art, Skateboarding & Life

Gingko Press, Inc.

  • 5768 Paradise Drive, Suite J
  • Corte Madera , CA

(415) 924-9615

Andy Howell is a modern day renaissance “dude”.  He was at the forefront of skateboarding culture.  At a young age he decided he wanted to be an artist, and he wanted to skateboard.  He never looked back.

abc Art, Skateboarding & Life xyz documents his entire come-up.  Starting from his early days producing his own magazine, up until his legendary status he is today.  It is chalk full of photographs, interviews, and most importantly, his artwork.  Every page is a collage of urban culture and D.I.Y contentment.  It heaves paint and drips with motivation.  The entire book is a huge encouragement for any developing artist or entrepreneur.  It also comes with a two disc DVD which delves deeper into the genius mind of Andy Howell.

I think what really sets this book apart is that it really seems to crack open Howell’s head. It talks about his parents, his friends, his ups, his downs, his conquests, and his genuine hustle to get his name out. I think it’s a good fit for our library, especially those interested in visuals, graphics and marketing. The book seems to parallel another book we have in our collection: abc The Beat of Urban Art: The Art of Justin Bua xyz , which I highly suggest for those interested in this genre.

Reviewer: Chad Archibald, FIDM Library Staff Member