April 2006

Metropolis Magazine

Bellerophon Publications Inc.

  • 61 West 23rd Street
  • New York, NY




11 Times A Year/Bi-Monthly August/September

$32.95 per year/52.95 Canada per year

abc Large Wide Deep Complex and Messy! xyz

abc Metropolis xyz magazine takes on abc urban culture xyz from the ground up:

  • from boulevards, side streets, ballparks and riverwalks;
  • to the furnishing of public spaces: bus stops, streetlights and statues;
  • to the structures of the city itself: buildings, bridges, amphitheaters, airports, up, up and away!

abc Metropolis xyz considers objects, concepts, and visionaries, both indoors and out, and has prominent practitioners critique them. A abc Metropolis xyz article will show what the tensions were and how they might be resolved. The whole complex web of competing public and private interests is examined through the messy interplay of politics and money, history and leadership.

  • Interested in the rebuilding of “Ground Zero,” in New York? Check abc Metropolis xyz !
  • Worried about land use issues in New Orleans? Check abc Metropolis xyz !
  • Curious about how an abandoned elevated railway is being turned into a high flying neighborhood park? Check abc Metropolis xyz !
  • Cheered by neighborhood conservation groups thwarting the wrecking ball? Want to learn to do it yourself? Check abc Metropolis xyz !

The magazine is not just a vehicle for ideas and campaigns. There is an ongoing interest in “green” architecture and interior design, innovative furnishings, and “extreme” textiles. Current design issues are viewed from a historical base and aim for an ideal solution. They recommend combining high-tech design with low- tech production using local sustainable materials.  All this is delivered in a lively modern format. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs and diagrams, hip graphics, dynamic sketches and tight elevations.

abc Metropolis xyz is abc the xyz place to look for ideas on socially responsible design education.

Reviewer: San Francisco Judith Wehlau, FIDM Library Staff Member