April 2004



If you want to be a serious player in the “rag trade” check out apparelsearch.com. It calls itself the connecting thread of the apparel industry. This site is that and much, much more.

Vast in scope and precise in details, these are the highlights of this rich, well-designed site:

  • Design Studio - here they provide services for illustration, including technical drawings, renderings and photography; clothing production; fashion accessories and monitoring trends.
  • Production - helps you source factories, produce clothing and monitor quality.
  • Employment - ApparelSearch connects apparel, fashion and textile companies with qualified career-minded individuals. It also has industry specific employment agencies on tap.
  • Factories - (including contractors, components, trims, shipping, etc.) organized by country and by product. There is everything from Aprons, Bloomers and Bustiers to Vests and Women’s Nightwear.
  • Models -presents portfolios, agencies, photographers, schools, trade shows, runway shows.

Along the left hand column of the home page is a comprehensive listing of additional categories. Under “Customs” we looked up tariffs for South Africa and found it in a matter of seconds. In the category “Message Boards” we found over one hundred fifty additional job listings from Atlanta to Thailand. Under “Education” there is even a listing for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising complete with a link to the official website. This website is not only useful but FUN as well. Take a look!

Reviewer: Judith Wehlau, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.