April 2003



The Name Gardeners Trust

abc The time has never been better to discover the website, garden.org. Established by the National Gardening Association, their belief is in the "power of gardening to transform environments, individuals, and communities." xyz

This site is easy to navigate. Some of the main categories to choose from are: flowers & bulbs, lawns & landscaping, and garden care & pests. Within each main category, for example, flowers and bulbs, there are several sub-categories such as roses, annuals, perennials, and bulbs. In each sub-category there is a feature article and a "how to" project. Also of value is an area titled basics. In this section one can read a more thorough explanation of, for example, annuals and perennials. An "events calendar" and a "climate zone finder" are accessible on every page. On the left side navigation are gardening resources, community, and business-to-business links.

If you are interested in reading about drafting a landscape map, mulching trees and shrubs, or planting a window box, click on lawns and landscaping. How about reading about soil drainage or how to buy and plant trees in the garden care & pests section? Don’t forget to read through fruits, veggies, and herbs. For the gardener in training, there is also a link to kidsgarden.org filled with resources for kids, families, and teachers. Your garden awaits you and garden.org is there to help it to grow.

Reviewer: Jesse Negrete, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.D.