April 2003

Print Magazine

F & W Publications, Inc.

  • 116 East 27th Street
  • New York, NY



$57.00/year or $107/two years; $98 outside of the U.S. per year

America’s Graphic Design Magazine

Where can you find relief block prints of pop icons or dolls and storytelling in Chicago? Looking for matchbook labels or a "life under totalitarianism" history museum in Budapest? Look no further than Print magazine, where you can find a variety of articles related to graphic design.

In addition to the multiple advertisements for paper, type, and royalty-free images, Print magazine is filled with innovative articles. The articles not only highlights the featured artist or design firm, but also provide pertinent information about product development. In the article titled, "Allied Forces," find out why web and film design firm Ph.D. is characterized by the motto "idiosyncrasy is standard." Another article that would interest many relates to designer Yohji Yamamoto’s book, Talking To Myself. The article is illustrated with four photographs, which are an excellent choice in symbolizing Yamamoto’s unique style. One can also read about the relationship between typography and installations in the article about artist Margaret Kilgallen.

Included in this bi-monthly magazine are such departments as: "Books In Print, Design and New Media, and Tribute." Art directors, designers, and illustrators are eligible to submit published print work for Print’s national design competition. If accepted print work will be published in Print’s Regional Design Annual. They also publish a Digital Design Annual, highlighting quality examples of organization and navigation of a website.

Reviewer: Roseanna Garcia, FIDM Library Staff Member