April 2002

Bead & Button

Kalmbach Publishing Co.

  • P.O. Box 1612, 21027 Crossroads Circle
  • Waukesha, WI



$24.95/per year per year

Creative Ideas For The Art Of Beads And Jewelry...

Not just sequins sewn on 1950’s taffeta! abc Bead & Button xyz magazine features materials from African Trade Beads to Swarovski crystals, turquoise stones to Bali brass ornaments, pearls to braided leather. The articles cover historical, aesthetic and functional aspects of the materials, and they introduce wide-ranging techniques for stringing it all together.

Each issue contains at least twelve new projects you can make. The most valuable aspect of abc Bead & Button xyz is the step-by-step explanation of techniques using diagrams, hand drawn sketches and close-up photos. Additionally, standard techniques are explained in a section called "Basics." You can review (or learn!) pearl knotting, brick or peyote stitching, loop wrapping, crimping and making your own loops and eyes for findings.

Every copy highlights a master craftsperson so you can see excellent examples of contemporary work. There is a section called "Your Work" which gives beginners a chance for publicity. Even the advertisements are instructional! In the back of the magazine are announcements of societies to join, competitions to enter, as well as bead, gem and jewelry shows to attend. Whether you start by making an exquisite evening bag, fringing a pair of dungarees, creating a multi-strand lariat or learning about Ogalala netted lace, abc Bead & Button xyz will inspire you AND show you how to do it!

Reviewer: Judith Wehlau., FIDM Library Staff Member