Administrative Board & Staff

Dedicated to delivering a quality education

Our Board and Staff are committed to excellence and work tirelessly to ensure that students receive the highest quality education.

Administrative Board

Tonian Hohberg

Barbara Bundy
Vice President, Education

Annie Johnson
Vice President, Finance

Vivien Lowy
Vice President, Planning

Administrative Staff

Paige Adamczyk
Director, Digital Media

John Ahr
Creative Director, Jewelry Design

Susan Aronson
Executive Director, Admissions

Denise Baca
Campus Director/Admissions Director, FIDM San Diego Campus

Sheryl Badalamenti
Director, Admissions, FIDM San Francisco Campus

Kathy Bailon
Director, FIDM Libraries; Program Coordinator, Footwear Design

Anne Bennion
Chairperson, Fashion Knitwear Design, Textile Design, Design

Michele Bobak
Director, European Affairs

John “Buddy” Bolognone
Director, FIDM Facilities

Bill Cliatt
Director, Alumni Relations

Jeanne Colliau
Director, Merchandising & Marketing

Barbara Cupper
Director, FIDM San Francisco Campus

Lisa Davis
Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Education

Norine Fuller
Executive Director, Student Financial Services, FIDM Washington, D.C.

Ray Gallego
Director, Operations, Career Center

Ray Garcia
Regional Director, Career Development

Eva Gilbert
Chairperson, Merchandising & Marketing, Merchandise Product Development, Apparel Technical Design

Michael Gilbert

Suzanna Grueser
Interim Director, IT

Belinda Harding
Director, Student Advisement

Lisa Hoffman
Director, Graphic Design

Susan Jenkins
Director, Admissions Operations

Chris Jennings
Director, Student Financial Aid

Mike Kaminski
Director, Publications, Web Marketing Operations

Kevin Keele
Director, Career Development

Darlene Lattinville
Director, College Services

Gene LeBrock
Chairperson, Digital Media; Director, FIDM Productions

Roni Miller Start
Chairperson, Apparel Industry Management, Menswear

Mike Mirabella
Director, Admissions, FIDM Orange County Campus

Lisa Morabito
Executive Director, Speakers Bureau, Community & Educational Affairs

Dina Morgan
Chairperson, Interior Design

Julie Ann Otteson
Manager, Human Resources

Vicki Paganini
Director, Marketing

Cynthia Patino
Director, Visual Communications, Entertainment Set Design & Decoration

Christina (Tina) Perez
Director, Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing, Beauty Industry Management

Sheryl Rabinovich
Dean, Education; Chairperson, General Studies, Professional Studies

Sarah Repetto
Director, International Affairs

Celia Sedwick Rogus
Creative Director, Film & TV Costume Design

Carol Rookstool
Dean, Academic Development; Accreditation Liaison Officer

Sharon Ryan
Executive Director, Industry Relations

Rose Sgroi
Director, Fiscal Operations

George Sims
Chairperson, Business Management

Katherine Slauta
Director, Education, FIDM San Diego Campus

Celia Soudry
Director, Social Media

Amanda Starling
Chairperson, Special Projects, Textile Production & Development, Textile Science

Mary Stephens
Director, Fashion Design;
Chairperson, Jewelry Design

Lyn Tobman
Chairperson, Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing, Beauty Industry Management, Visual Communications, Entertainment Set Design & Decoration, Social Media, Graphic Design

Ella Van Nort
Director, Stores

V. Kim Wetzel
Director, Education, FIDM San Francisco Campus

Shirley Wilson
Director, Public Relations, Publicity