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Did you Know?

If you've already earned a degree and are interested in starting a career in Merchandising & Marketing, you can enroll in an online course of study to receive an additional Associate Degree in the Merchandising & Marketing Professional Designation program. FIDM graduates are also eligible to apply to continue their studies in FIDM's Bachelor of Science Program in Business Management completely online.

What is eLearning?

FIDM's eLearning Program ensures that students' educational experience can take place anywhere in the world with courses that specifically model what it's like to attend a class on campus. FIDM is mindful of the modern-day challenges and conflicts that can make it difficult to attend classes in person. We make it possible for students to get an education whether they can be in the classroom or not.

eLearning students are granted the same quality education as students on campus and have immediate access to valuable campus resources. FIDM's eLearning students have access to:

  • FIDM Library
  • Career Advisors
  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable Instructors

We've made it easy for our students to communicate with their classmates and instructors. As eLearning participants, they are part of a vibrant online community of educators and students. Whether you are a current student looking to take a few courses online, or considering a purely online Merchandising & Marketing Professional Designation or Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management program, FIDM will provide you with the tools to succeed.

The following eligibility requirements are for current FIDM students only.

  • 2.80 or above cumulative GPA is required.
  • F-1 status students must have 12 units in residence on campus per quarter. One of the four courses may be online.
  • Students are required to own, use and be proficient using their own personal computers, to be savvy with navigating the internet and working with email and web attachments.
  • Students must own and check their own active email account daily.
  • Students must meet all the prerequisites for a course.
  • Continuing students must be registered in at least one on campus course before they can register for an online course (except for students in a pure online program). Students may register for a limit of two online classes in addition to two or three courses on campus.
  • Registration for online classes is only available on published registration dates.

The technical requirements for the program are as follows:

  • A Windows PC or Apple computer with at least 2 GB RAM
  • High speed internet connection preferred (wired connection recommended)
  • An active FIDM Student Email address
  • A USB headset may be required to participate in an online web meeting for some classes

For Windows Computers

  • Windows XP and up
  • Either IE 8 and up or Firefox 3.x Browsers and up (Google Chrome is not supported)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or higher
  • Windows Media Player
  • All current Microsoft Windows Updates

For Apple Computers

  • OS X 10.4 and up
  • Firefox 3.x (Safari is not supported)
  • Microsoft Office 2008 or higher
  • Quicktime Player and VLC media player (download available at http://www.videolan.org/vlc)

Additional Plug-ins (for both OSs)

A USB headset and a web cam may be required for courses that have online meetings; students will be advised of this requirement, if applicable, at registration.

For 24-Hour eLearning Support, call 1-866-FIDM-HELP. For eLearning Support during business hours (Monday - Friday; 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.), please send an email to elearning@us.fidm.edu. At the time of a technical support request, be prepared to provide your full name, FIDM student ID number, course name and your email address. To access additional support resources, log in to the eLearning System at http://elearning.fidm.edu.

eLearning courses are subject to availability and are not offered every quarter. Please see your education advisor for questions regarding class availability.

FIDM offers educational opportunities through distance education. Colleges offering the opportunity to take classes outside of their state must be authorized, or exempt from authorization for each state in which they offer those courses. No assumptions of availability should be made on the part of the student until checking with FIDM's Admissions or Student Advisement Departments.

Merchandising & Marketing Associate of Arts, Professional Designation**

  • MMKT 2080 Brand Management Strategies
  • MMKT 2180 Promotion in the Merchandising Environment
  • MRCH 1450 Concepts in Trend Forecasting
  • MRCH 1650 Applied Trend Forecasting *
  • MRCH 1700 Merchandise Math
  • MRCH 1750 Merchandising Strategies
  • MRCH 2200 Merchandise Buying
  • MRCH 2250 Technology for Merchandise Buying
  • MRCH 2700 Applied Buying
  • MRCH 2760 Advanced Business Applications
  • MRCH 2860 Merchandise Planning & Allocation
  • MRCH 2980 Contemporary Business Strategies *
  • BUAD 2850 Entrepreneurship
  • GNST 1440 Textile Science

*USB Headset required for online web meeting in this class.
** Not all courses are offered every quarter.

Bachelor of Science, Business Management**

  • BUMT 3100 Ethics in Business
  • BUMT 3200 Management Information Systems
  • BUMT 3300a Financial Accounting I
  • BUMT 3300b Financial Accounting II
  • BUMT 3600 Management Theory & Principles
  • BUMT 3650 Human Resource Management
  • BUMT 3680 Global Marketing Communications
  • BUMT 3720 Management Strategy
  • BUMT 3820 Business Law
  • BUMT 3950 Managerial Accounting
  • BUMT 4100 Small Business Management
  • BUMT 4200 Financial Management
  • BUMT 4250 Supply Chain Management
  • BUMT 4300 Global Management Strategies
  • BUMT 4450 Strategic Management Policies
  • BUMT 4500 International Finance
  • BUMT 4520 Applied Management Strategy
  • BUMT 4600 Marketing Management
  • BUMT 4840 Studies in Leadership
  • BUMT 4910 Creativity in Business
  • GNST 2470 Principles of Biology
  • GNST 2470L Principles of Biology Lab
  • GNST 2570 Microeconomics
  • GNST 2630 Principles of Chemistry *
  • GNST 2870 Macroeconomics
  • GNST 3000 World Political History
  • GNST 3020 Statistics
  • GNST 3050 Writing for Professionals
  • GNST 3400 Social Psychology
  • GNST 3500 Professional Presentation
  • GNST 3900 Issues in Contemporary Society *

* USB Headset required for online web meeting in this class.
** These courses are only for students in the bachelor program. Not all courses are offered every quarter.

Additional Courses**

  • BUAD 2000 Organizational Behavior & Management
  • GNST 0450 Math Skills +
  • GNST 1440 Textile Science
  • GNST 1650 Critical Thinking
  • GNST 2020 Survey of Western Art I
  • GNST 2420 Survey of Western Art II
  • GNST 2960 American Political & Economic History
  • GNST 2980 Professional Practices
  • GNST 3150 Research on Topics of Design History++
  • GNST 3450 Applied Mathematics++
  • GNST 3700 Multicultural Perspectives Through The Short Story++
  • GNST 3800 Icons of Culture: The Context of Meaning++
  • GRPH 2130 Conceptual Design++
  • GRPH 2840 Title Design
  • MMKT 1550 Marketing & Brand Development *
  • MMKT 2640 International Business
  • MPDV 1500 Product Development Fundamentals
  • MPDV 1750 Trend and Fashion Forecasting
  • MPDV 2100 Fashion Merchandising & Assortment Planning++
  • MPDV 2300 Trend and Design Application
  • MPDV 2750 Production & Sourcing Strategies
  • MPDV 2800 Advanced Preproduction
  • MRCH 1550 Retail Environment

* USB Headset required for online web meeting in this class
** Not all courses are offered every quarter
+ IDEA Center Approval Required
++ New Additions to be offered online in 2016

The strength of the eLearning program comes from the people behind it as well as the technology. We are a passionate group of educators trying to make learning more accessible and engaging for all FIDM Students." —Dave Melone, FIDM Director of eLearning and Academic Computing