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  • Feb

    A French Student's Passion for Costume Design

    Amandine Garcia is an international student from France, studying Fashion Design to become a Costume Designer. She is in her second quarter, attending FIDM on a scholarship awarded by the Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet in France. Her passion for costume design is positively infectious.

    When asked how she is settling into life here, she said, “It is going so great. It’s more than a school here. It’s like a family or your home, because everyone is helping you. The teachers are really amazing. We have all of the equipment available and we have the best library ever, for fashion or costume design. It’s really an amazing school and I am really happy to be here.”

    Since she was a small child, she has had a great passion for costume design. “I used to sit on a bench with my grandmother,” she said, “and invent the lives of the people who were walking by. Just imagining what their life was like, based on their clothes. Clothes can tell everything about someone—their psychology and personality.”

    Her favorite class so far is Nancy Riegelman’s sketching class. “Her drawings are so amazing, so realistic, with emotion. You can even imagine the personality of the drawing. She is so talented.”

    Seven years ago, she wanted to apply to FIDM but first decided to become more proficient in English, so she moved to London. When she was ready, she took a trip to Florida, to meet with an advisor from FIDM.

    “When I did the interview, I knew it was the best school ever. I met with FIDM Alumni. They have amazing careers. I really hope I will have one like this after FIDM.”

    Her goal is to able to portray the psychology of a character through costume. After studying art in high school, she pursued a degree in psychology. She then moved to Barcelona to do two post-graduate programs: Costume Design and Historical Pattern.

    “When I was in Barcelona, I was working as an assistant of a costume designer. I think it was the best time of my life, really. This job is a guarantee of happiness for me. When I am sad or anything, I am working and I feel happy.”

    “I really like that costume is a form of communication that can be understood by everyone,” she said, “even without speaking the same language. It’s a visual language. It can cause you to dream, to travel, transport you to another world, a magical world. That’s fantastic.”

    And here’s a fun fact about Amandine. Every Friday night, she goes to the shooting of television shows, just so she can be in the audience. “I just want to be close to the set,” she said, “to be close to my dream.” She is inspired by watching the team of people working together on the set. That is passion.

    “I really want to have a job in Los Angeles. I think it’s the best place in the world. But if I have to move, I will because it doesn’t matter where I am. I just want to do my job.”

    Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Scholarship Winner Amandine Garcia from FIDM.


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