Theatre Costume Design

Add a little drama to your life

Whether it's for a Broadway musical or a Shakespearean production, the art of Theatre Costume Design is of paramount importance in telling a story and an arena for great invention and spectacular feats of the imagination. Costumes, jewelry, accessories, and décor must be compelling, relevant, and historically accurate. Learn to create the ultimate wardrobe for characters in theatre, film, television, and video.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Apply principles and elements of design to create the appropriate costumes for venues and characters.
  • Analyze a script to develop character costumes.
  • Illustrate character faces and characteristic poses for the theatre.
  • Research historical costume and décor.
  • Design and construct costumes.


FIDM is uniquely poised at the heart of the West Coast's Entertainment and Fashion industries to provide students with specialized skills and opportunities for building a successful career in Theatre Costume Design.

Each year students in this Advanced Study program design a collection, which is then presented at the annual DEBUT Runway Show & LA Fashion Gala to an audience of thousands, including industry notables. Past themes have included Moulin Rouge, the circus, and Dancing with the Stars.

The Advanced Study Program allows students who have already completed a Fashion Degree at FIDM to learn this specialized craft.

FIDM has been crucial in helping me find work right out of school. Because of my Career Advisor, I was able to get these jobs right away! I feel like I have a personal agent and it's really wonderful." - Adrienne Young, FIDM Theatre Costume Alum and Costume Supervisor.

A Closer Look

The Advanced Study Program in Theatre Costume Design is an intense, concentrated program designed to encompass the many aspects of costuming from the legitimate stage to television, film, and video. The student studies costume crafts, costume design, costume construction, wardrobing, rendering, script analysis and breakdown, and the history of costume and décor. The Theatre Costume Design specialization prepares the exceptional student to enter the rigorous field of costuming for theatre, film, television, video, and spectacle.

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