Textile Production & Development


The following are the required courses for this major. Students meet with the Education Department to provide personalized academic counseling to complete the fashion marketing program. Transfer credits, placement tests, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Knitwear Design, Merchandise Marketing, Merchandise Product Development, or Textile Design.

TXPD 3100
Federal Regulations, Consumer Care & Textile Compliance
This course explores the federal regulations of textiles and textile finished goods entering the U.S. marketplace with an emphasis on consumer laws and required care.
TXPD 3150
Textile Innovations & Trends
A look into the most influential innovative textiles and processes. This course analyzes past and present trends, and their impact and application in the current marketplace.
TXPD 3200
The History of Fibers, Natural & Man-Made
Fiber content and origin is researched and discussed. This course includes the history of fibers from the inception of work wear through the evolution of the blue jean as the fashion statement of the 21st Century.
TXPD 3250
Denim: Seminar
Witness the lifecycle of cotton from the field to finished product. Students travel to a cotton field, a facility that cleans/treats/spins the cotton, and different facilities for the various end uses of cotton fiber.
TXPD 3300
Business Ethics
This course addresses the importance of ethical issues and the financial impact on business performance and technology development and ownership. The costs and consequences of failing to act ethically are explored. Students learn strategies to solve real life dilemmas. Students explore the importance of ethics as a dimension of social responsibility and business ethics in the global economy.
TXPD 3350
Printing Techniques: Dyeing & Finishing
Color aesthetics of textile finishing methods are evaluated. Process cost, performance, durability, quality and everyday use are evaluated. Students complete two hands-on industry screen printing labs.
TXPD 3400
Technical Textiles: Performance Features
Students research and examine the structure, performance and manufacturing of hi-tech fabrics. Product applications, suppliers, trends, industry requirements, and government standards are considered.
TXPD 3450
Textile Trade: Production, Sourcing, and Cost
An advanced class in domestic and global sourcing strategies analyzing the processes of yarn purchase through greige goods to the conversion of textiles. The course examines sourcing from raw materials through manufacturing and global distribution. Costing is calculated and assessed.
TXPD 3500
Sustainable Textiles in the Production Cycle
Sustainability of textiles is researched and assessed. Students study the impact of textiles in the global environment. Eco Friendly textiles, closures, labels, and packaging are researched and applied. Color management and finishing processes using natural dyes is explored. FTC labeling requirements, Going Green organizations, and certifications will be discussed.
TXPD 3550
Negotiation & Communication
A course in effective organizational communication, with emphasis on advanced oral communication skills. Students examine the dynamics of individual and group communication as preparation for full-scaled, business-specific informative and persuasive speeches, in which they use computer technology, visual aids, and statistical data to enhance the impact and clarity of their presentations.
TXPD 3600
Textile Application
This comprehensive course focuses on textile application in the product development process. The students are required to apply textiles to consumer goods from a raw materials perspective. Application includes aesthetic requirements, functionality, and target cost. Product designs and finishing methods are covered in regard to their respective influence on developing marketable consumer products, emphasizing practicality, quality, and longevity. Product designs determine fiber, yarn, fabric structure, and finishing processes best suited to developing consumer marketable products.
TXPD 3650
Embellishments, Processes & Technical Finishes
This lab-based class gives students hands-on experience with processes relating to the aesthetic and functional values of textiles. Finishing methods and their feasibility with respect to appearance, performance expectations, quality, and effect on hand are covered. Emphasis is placed on finish practicality, quality, and durability.
TXPD 3700
Professional Leadership
Students analyze the theories, principles, and methods of entrepreneurship based upon the experiences of those who have sought sustained competitive advantage. Strategies and tactics of management style are explored.
TXPD 3800
Textile Seminar
An in-depth study tour in which students visit the entire chain of textile processing facilities: textile mill, product manufacturer, dye facility, product brand, and fit analysis to determine textile innovation in the marketplace.
Total Units of Credit: 45

This program starts in the summer on the Los Angeles campus.