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  • Apr

    See Photos From DEBUT 2016!

    On Saturday, April 2, 2016, DEBUT 2016 showcased the impressive work of Advanced Fashion Design, Theatre Costume Design, Interior Design, and Textile Design Programs.  The annual DEBUT Show and Fashion Gala celebrated the creativity and hard work of graduating designers in a dramatic setting at Barker Hangar, in Santa Monica, California and raised funds benefiting the FIDM Scholarship Foundation.

    The DEBUT Runway at Barker Hangar

    Carlos Vazquez and Mary Stephens

    Yuri Moreira, Candice Cuoco, Barbara Bundy, Nick Verreos, and David Paul

    More than 100 garments and other design projects were presented in the four-part runway show. The fashion and theatre costume designers-to-be, work over a 9-month period to create looks that will be featured on the runway. The illustrious group of DEBUT Students is chosen each year based on overall grade point average, references, portfolio review, talent, skill level, and formal interviews with Department Chairs from FIDM from hundreds of applicants. This year, 11 Advanced Fashion Design and six Theatre Costume Design Graduates showed during DEBUT. 

    Yongjian (Tomy) Huang

    Duston Jasso

    Sisi (Rychie) Zheng

    Shae Lani

    Eniola Hundeyin

    Alexandra Parel

    Danny Godoy

    A Theatre Costume Design look

    The evening also highlighted “Chairing Styles,” an annual exhibition created by the collaboration of 30 students in 3 disciplines: Textile, Fashion, and Interior Design (10 students in each field of study). Funding for "Chairing Styles" is awarded through a competitive grant presented to FIDM by the Importer Support Program of the Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated. Se7en mill, a division of Burlington Technologies, graciously printed the fabrics.

    Photos by Alex J. Berliner/ABImages


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  • May

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  • May

    Textile Design and Debut Grad Receives Scholarship From California Fashion Foundation and Textile Association of L.A.

    Recent DEBUT Graduate Willis Park, who also studied Textile Design at FIDM, recently received the Betty Baumgardner Award for Best Use of Textiles from the California Fashion Foundation (CFF) and the Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA). "I showed some p … Read More

  • Apr

    Meet Textile Designer Brook Perdigon On Saturday, April 25 in Los Angeles

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