Textile Design

A pattern for success

Explore the interplay between shapes and cultures as a Textile Designer. If you love to draw or paint and enjoy detailed work, a kaleidoscope of opportunities awaits you within this highly specialized field. Design fabric for everything from couture clothing to designer furniture and wallpaper.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Research and incorporate current and historic fabric trends in color, texture and print for a variety of markets.
  • Understand the production and application of textiles for various markets.
  • Utliize traditional painting techniques with state of the industry technology to execute textile designs.
  • Collaborate creatively as part of a design team.
  • Design and create printed and woven textiles.
  • Conceptualize and style a textile line.
  • Develop and present a professional portfolio.
  • Communicate effectively and present ideas professionally.


If you're interested in running or launching a fashion apparel company, there is no better place to learn the nuts and bolts than FIDM, where students get hands-on experience in the heart of the Fashion District.

FIDM's classrooms simulate an apparel production facility, so students learn in an environment and with technology that is true to the industry.

The program teaches all phases of product innovation and line development.

It's inspiring to see that someone made a big career change. You can go back to school. Just think: your dream job may be only one or two steps away." - Eliza Green, Business Owner and Textile Designer

A Closer Look

The Textile Design Program prepares students for successful careers in the creation and styling of printed and woven textiles for the apparel and interior design industries. Coursework develops original expression in combination with technical skills through both painting techniques and CAD applications.

For important information about the completion rate, educational debt, and earnings of students who attended this program, click here.