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From executives at major corporations to entrepreneurs with the next hot fashion app or vintage boutique, these graduates of FIDM, one of the top fashion marketing schools, are out there achieving in the industry.

  • Aug

    FIDM Grad and Frame Sales Rep Diego Dominguez Visits Brand Portfolio Development Capstone Class

    Diego Dominguez graduated in 2007 with his degree in Merchandising & Marketing. Since then he has worked for Simon Miller and Kill City Jeans, and is now in New York at premium denim label Frame, working as a sales rep for the men’s line. He said he has that feeling again—“That feeling of I can’t wait to go to bed, so I can get up and go to work in the morning.”

    He was in Los Angeles this week for business, and dropped by FIDM’s Brand Portfolio Development class, a capstone class for students in Merchandise Product Development. He wanted to share with the students, first-hand, his experience in the fashion industry.

    Destined for a career in fashion, Diego started a line of graphic tees when he was in high school, called Mischief. He said he he silk screened graphics on tees. It was the beginning.

    One of the things that sets him apart from others, he said, is that he has “hustle.” He once got famous graphic artist Retna, a.k.a. Marquis Lewis, to paint the front of his store, which is no small feat considering Retna has been commissioned to tag Louis Vuitton stores, and work on projects with Nike.

    Not only is he good at “hustle,” he’s also a natural at communication and connecting with people. So, he decided to pursue the business side of fashion—sales—which is where he is currently thriving.

    One of the things that FIDM taught him was to be confident in what you already know—everything you learn and all the experience you continue to gain in the fashion industry. Looking back, he said, “I was a lot more valuable than I thought I was.”

    While he was visiting with the MPD students, he looked over the portfolio of FIDM Student Elise Lorenz, and offered feedback. The brand she picked was Frame, and Diego told her she was pretty much “spot on” with her silhouettes profiled in her collection.

    Based out of New York, Diego travels all over, handling the North American region for Frame. He also reps Miansai, a high end jewelry company headquartered in New York, that uses Italian leathers, precious metals, and custom-made marine grade ropes for their pieces.

    He told students that the showroom he works for in New York, Goods & Services, also has a showroom in Los Angeles, and they’re hiring.


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