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From executives at major corporations to entrepreneurs with the next hot fashion app or vintage boutique, these graduates of FIDM, one of the top fashion marketing schools, are out there achieving in the industry.

  • Jun

    Catching Up With FIDM Grad and Pro Skater Spencer Nuzzi

    FIDM Merchandise & Marketing Graduate and pro skater Spencer Nuzzi is now an Outfitter/Stylist at Trumaker and he also sells his own line of apparel and accessories. We recently caught up with the Los Angeles-based alum to learn more. 

    How did you get involved with Trumaker and what do you enjoy about working for them? I got involved with Trumaker because of my interest in men's fashion as well as having the experience in styling men's footwear lookbooks, photo shoots, and other related content. My favorite part about working for a menswear company is the ability to help guys put together a wardrobe and feel good about wearing it.

    Are people ever surprised that a pro skater is their tailor/stylist? People are very surprised to learn I am pro skater. I'm still not sure if it helps or hinders me. I tell clients it's my other job and how I went to fashion school to follow my other career in fashion. Why not do both right? I mean look how mainstream skater/streetwear fashion has become; as a skater i've always been around fashion, and now i'm this professional stylist for professionals which can be surprising to some.

    Tell us about your line. Nuzzi Brand first started with collaborations with other clothing brands I was sponsored by or connected with. I did some creative directive work but what ultimately helped was the few years of graphic design experience making logos for stickers, tee's, and hats. So once I had a manufacturer set up, it was full-speed ahead.

    How do you connect with your fans? I've established a market/fan base mainly from social media. A lot of my fans connected through my Youtube videos: how-to's, lifestyle videos, and more. I also connect with my audience through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly my website. Here fan's can purchase Nuzzi Brand product, watch videos, and be updated on anything coming out next.

    What are your ultimate career goals? Ultimately I'd like to pursue my brand into something bigger and better. It would only be complete with my friends and fam working by my side to accomplish career milestones.

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  • Jun

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  • Jun

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  • May

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  • Apr

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  • Feb

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