Jewelry Design

Create the ultimate fashion accessory

Jewelry Design is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing every day. The global jewelry design field is wide open for Designers with the expertise to execute aesthetically appealing designs for a wide range of markets, from private clientele to major accessories brands.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Research and utilize current and historical design trends.
  • Select metals and other material to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • Create illustrations using proper rendering techniques.
  • Research and develop jewelry designs.
  • Analyze trends and meet the needs of target customers.
  • Communicate concepts visually and verbally.
  • Understand the jewelry manufacturing process.
  • Design, market, and produce functional and wearable jewelry.


FIDM's Jewelry Design Program is uniquely positioned to link jewelry design to fashion and has the benefit of FIDM's incredible network of fashion industry connections.

FIDM's custom-designed, state-of-the-industry Jewelry Design Studio is located in the heart of
Los Angeles's Jewelry District, one of the largest in the world.

The program features an in-depth study of Jewelry Design past and present, so students have an artistic and historical context for their work.

Instructors are creative professionals in the industry. Consulting jewelry design instructor Kim Hurlbert helped launch the program is an expert in gems, having graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and Gemological Association of Great Britain.

Every class I took has prepared me for my career in one way or another." - Adrianna Kinal, Owner of Jewelry Line AA Kinal.

A Closer Look

The Jewelry Design Program provides students with a broad understanding of the jewelry industry through in-depth study of the creative process, jewelry styles, and the technical properties of metals and gems.

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