International Manufacturing & Product Development

Think globally

If global fashion is your passion, then grab your passport. Our International Manufacturing & Product Development students journey around the world, networking with top companies and learning how to analyze trends and compete in the global marketplace.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Manage all facets of the product development process.
  • Generate detailed specs for products using state-of-the industry technology.
  • Resolve conflicts, negotiate, and evaluate risks involved in developing globally manufactured products.
  • Synthesize knowledge of marketing, product development, textiles, strategic sourcing, and global manufacturing to create a product line based on industry partner requirements.
  • Make legal, political, and ethical sourcing and manufacturing decisions.
  • Develop customer profiles using consumer research, sales, history, and trend forecasting.
  • Create a cohesive product line.


No other college has a similar degree that pairs students with an industry partner throughout the program.

Our highly specialized 3-quarter program features a full curriculum that prepares students for the ever-changing global marketplace.

Students take trips to Europe for hands-on inspiration and trend research and to Asia to comprehensively understand negotiation within the sourcing and production cycle.

Instructors are current and former executives from notable companies such as Gap, Van Heusen, Old Navy, and Nike.

Students attend international and domestic textile shows, retail corporate meetings, global industry events and seminars, international research tours, field trips, trend services, and more.

International Manufacturing & Product Development Students work directly with companies such as Pacific Sunwear, JCPenney, Pottery Barn, Sunrise Brands, and Disney.

Traveling was one of the highlights of the IMPD program. Hong Kong was my favorite city - so alive and exciting. We got to visit several headquarters to see how they manage their sourcing overseas, while being based in the U.S." - Kalyn Ryan, Technical Designer for Big Star Jeans.

A Closer Look

The Advanced Study Program in International Manufacturing and Product Development educates students to compete in the fast-paced, global community of manufacturing and product development. This comprehensive program involves the student in all phases of the product development cycle from the initial concept and design through technical design, global sourcing, costing, production, and marketing to the consumer. Communication and collaboration skills allow the students to function as effective team members and leaders.  Directed study in Europe and Asia exposes students to the latest developments influencing the international marketplace.

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