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    Just Accepted Interior Design Student Comes From a Family of Design Entrepreneurs


    Name: Anna Giannulli-Chavez

    Age: 19

    Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

    Previous College: Irvine Valley College

    FIDM Major: Interior Design

    FIDM Campus and Start Date: LA Campus for Fall 2015

    Admissions Advisor: Susan Pope

    How did your advisor help with the process? I would like to start off by saying that Susan was absolutely amazing. She was incredibly influential in my decision to apply to FIDM. Prior to researching interior design schools online, I thought that FIDM was only for fashion students. I scheduled a meeting with a counselor to learn more about the school and what it offered. Susan was so patient and really helped me understand the different majors at FIDM. She took me through the curriculum and each of the course descriptions for the interior design major. I felt comfortable asking questions and immediately knew that FIDM was the perfect fit for me.

    Tell us a bit about yourself. Growing up in a family with endless creativity, my passion for design began before I can remember. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all successful entrepreneurs in the design world. As little girl, I would sit in my grandpa’s garage and watch him sculpt blocks of clay into intricate busts. He would tell me stories about the “treasures” (junk) that filled his garage and shed. Surrounded by this creative energy, I was encouraged to be original.

    As one creative hobby bled into the next I found a true passion for designing interiors. I love having the ability to express myself through the spaces that surround me. Today I spend most of my time shopping at flea markets, taking photos, painting, sewing, arranging flowers, and working with a local animal rescue. I am so lucky to have a family who not only supports my ingenuity, but also understands it first hand.

    What are your proudest accomplishments so far? There are three major accomplishments that I am the proudest of. The first is leasing my own car at the age of 16. I am a very driven person and am confident that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it. At the age of 14, my parents told me that if I wanted a car when I got my license, I had to work for it. I spent my summers as a cashier in a local donut shop until I had saved enough for the down payment. I will never forget the rush of pride that came over me when I sat in my Volkswagen for the first time.

    The second accomplishment that continues to bring me pride is my involvement in animal rescue. I started by fostering a litter of puppies that was going to be euthanized and instead, found them loving homes. The feeling that I had actually made a difference was indescribable. To date, I have rescued over 40 dogs on my own, and countless others through assisting non-profit organizations. Today, I am the events coordinator for a local K-9 Rescue called Stella’s Hope. My third and final proudest accomplishment is my acceptance to FIDM. I am honored and excited to be following my dreams through such an amazing education.

    What made FIDM right for you? FIDM offers exactly what I was looking for in terms of curriculum. The school allows you to learn the basics, the intricate details, and the real world experience necessary to succeed in your field.

    Describe your entrance project. My entrance project was to design a mountain view living space with three main focal points. I had to incorporate a TV, a fireplace, and a mountain view into the design. I chose to go with neutral palate and keep the space light. Selecting large dark aluminum windows and reclaimed wood beams was my first step. Next I chose a bright white paint color and soft linen furniture. I also included an over-dyed rug in a grey tone and a fiddle-leaf fig to bring life to the room. I went with a crisp fireplace and indigo bohemian accent pillows. Overall I felt that the space was inviting and serene.

    What are your career goals? My career goals are to ultimately become an interior designer and own my own business. I want to be in love with my work and create beautiful spaces.

    What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I expect a rigorous curriculum including computer rendering, hand sketching, and effective communications. I am looking forward to learning the ins-and-outs of the interior design field from industry professionals themselves.


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