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  • Feb

    Top Internship Tips from FIDM Grad and Zambezi Junior Art Director Sean Jackson

    Students across several disciplines at FIDM including Graphic Design, Merchandise Product Development, Fashion Design, and Visual Communications, were treated to a special presentation today by Zambezi Junior Art Director and FIDM Graphic Design Grad Sean Jackson, about the importance of internships.

    The presentation is part of a series in the Career Ambassador Program, which meets four times each quarter, every other Wednesday. Guest speakers are invited to present on industry-related topics.

    Speaking directly to the group of students seeking careers in creative fields, Sean started off the discussion by saying he’s made a choice in his life to always be around “progressive creative people.” He graduated with his Graphic Design degree from FIDM in 2012, and continued at FIDM to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, graduating in June of last year.

    When seeking an internship, he said you must make your resume memorable and interesting. He shared a story about the communications agency he works for that recently received a resume as part of a pizza delivery. Very memorable! Another tip? Have your resume match your personality, and use interesting language. “You don’t want someone to forget who you are before they’ve even met you.”

    Sean went on to offer sound advice for students seeking internships, as well for as those who are already working in internships.

    Advice for students seeking internships:

    • Be prepared.
    • Customize your resume and make it memorable.
    • Maintain professionalism in appearance and demeanor.
    • Reflect the image of FIDM—a highly respected institution of higher learning.
    • Be aware of your social media presence. Everyone is watching.
    • Utilize your internship experience toward your first full-time position.

    Advice for students who have internships:

    • Be hungry.
    • Stay late.
    • Be part of the team.
    • Know the business and the clients.
    • Be on time.
    • Set goals.
    • Build trust.

    He left the group of students with one last thought. He said to utilize your instructors and advisors at FIDM. “They are all experienced professionals who are here to help you succeed.”


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