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  • Jun

    Sisters and Business Management Students Find Success With Their Footwear Brand

    Dallas-based sisters Roberta and Daniela Nuñez, who are both online Business Management Students at FIDM, are behind the shoe brands, David Isaac and David by David Isaac. They were recently profiled by NBC News Latino and a pair of their shoes have been featured on We talked with the soon-to-be-graduates about their life and careers:

    How did you discover FIDM and what made you want to attend?

    RN: I honestly think me discovering FIDM was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and I really do believe that. I originally was accepted and was set to attend a fashion institute in London. I was super excited and happy with my decision, but I felt like I wasn't completely sure. I started researching other fashion schools in the U.S. and came upon FIDM. I didn't want to make a sudden decision because this was going to be something that would shape my next four years. I scheduled an appointment to go visit the campus in LA with my Dad and we both fell in love with it and felt as though FIDM was going to be the perfect fit.

    DN: I actually discovered FIDM through my younger sister Roberta. I am a year older and was already attending college in London, England majoring in Fashion Design. I was trying to convince her to move to London and she told me about this amazing place called Los Angeles. I went home for summer break, left all my things in London because I was planning on going back in the fall, but as soon as it was time to book my flight back to London I got homesick and decided to join my sister at FIDM. I sent in my application super last minute, flew back to London to pack up all my things and before I could blink I was in LA.

    How do you feel about receiving your B.S. degrees in the very near future?

    RN: Honestly, I could not be more excited. It has been a long tough four years and I am going to feel a weight off my shoulders when I turn in my last assignment. I have to say that it has been hard working full-time and doing school but it is definitely doable.

    DN: I am so excited. Its really crazy how time flies. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was walking into orientation at the “FIDM On the Park.” I had such a great experience at FIDM and made amazing long time friends.

    What are your ultimate career goals?

    RN: My ultimate career goals is to build not only our shoe company but any other company/brand to its highest potential. I want the world to recognize our brand and to wear our merchandise. I also would love to have a storefront and to give customers the shopping experience with our brands.

    DN: I want our company to grow grow grow. Our shoes have already been featured on, but my ultimate dream would be to one day be on the cover of Vogue with my sister Roberta.

    How did it feel to be featured on

    RN: Being featured inVogue was kind of a dream come true. I feel like this is the ultimate magazine and company to feature fashion and we made it. I can't wait to continue and to see where the next year takes us.

    DN: I think at first it didn’t really hit me and then I reread the email from our PR agency that said here’s your shoe on and I honestly yelled “shut up” like three times in shock. I was with my parents, siblings, and boyfriend when I opened the email. I was so excited and I felt like I had achieved a huge thing. The amount of support and love that I felt from family and friends after telling them was one of the best feelings--it was pure happiness.


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