Footwear Design

A giant leap for your career

Footwear Designers are talented artisans, combining breathtaking creativity with technical skills to create wearable works of art that complete, enhance, and elevate an overall look. Beloved footwear labels like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin have entered the global fashion lexicon, rivaling even the brightest names in haute couture. Are you ready to take the next step?

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Identify trends in color, materials, styling, and constructions.
  • Utilize a historical perspective.
  • Develop coherent footwear collections suitable for various domestic and global markets.
  • Understand footwear business practices, from spec sheets and sourcing strategies to business plans and marketing.
  • Understand all aspects of footwear design and construction.
  • Express creativity while applying technical skill.


FIDM offers a unique and intensive curriculum in the Footwear Design specialty.

Students in the program travel to China for a Study Tour, meeting with footwear executives, touring footwear factories, and soaking up art, culture, and architecture.

Instructors are working professionals with amazing talent and industry connections so students gain a thoroughly integrated understanding of the process of Footwear Design.

The Footwear Design Program has worked closely to develop the best collaborative opportunities, from California to Italy, to help students learn and grow creatively.

The Footwear Design Program is one of a kind. No other American college offers the same intensive curriculum as FIDM." -- Kim Dingman, Co-founder of high-end footwear line Jen + Kim.

A Closer Look

The Advanced Study Program in Footwear Design provides the student with a comprehensive view of the global footwear industry. It offers students an opportunity to express creative and technical skills while acquiring a professional understanding of the decision-making process of designing, producing, merchandising, and marketing of footwear.

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