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  • Dec

    Enclothed Cognition: The Science of How We Dress

    Enclothed cognition is the name for the scientific study of the link between how what we wear effects how we feel and how we are perceived by others. An economics story in the New York Times says that evidence proves the importance of dressing for the role we are playing in life: experiments found that doctors who wear white lab coats are taken more seriously and get better results than doctors who dress in street clothes. Apparently, confidence comes from "dressing the part."


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  • Nov

    Rolling Stones Defined Rock Fashion

    Men in dresses? Black velvet Victorian frock coats, jewels and eye-patches? Unisex sequined bell bottoms and high-heeled boots? If you're one of the Rolling Stones, it's been there, done that. "Exhibitionism," a huge fashion art show, curated in London, and n … Read More

  • Aug

    Guillermo Del Toro Exhibition at LACMA is a Monster Show

    Giant bugs, dental equipment, comic books, gilt-edged funeral notices of children, illustrations by Edward Gorey, and a giant head of uber monster Frankenstein—these are just a few of the macabre but beautiful items that director Guillermo Del Toro sur … Read More

  • Aug

    Outlander Costume Designer Terry Dresbach Visits FIDM

    Outlander Costume Designer Terry Dresbach met with FIDM Students to share stories of her work on the time travel romance series that jumps from the 1940s to the 18th century and back to the '60s. Her visit coincided with the 10th Art of Television Costume … Read More

  • Aug

    America's Gymnasts Turn Up the Bling

    The amount of bling showered on the American gymnast's leotards at the Summer Olympics in Rio this summer is record-breaking, according to fashion editor Vanessa Friedman in the New York Times. Friedman traces the history of the gymnastic leotard from … Read More

  • Aug

    Costumes from Game of Thrones, Outlander, and More at Annual FIDM Museum Exhibition

    The FIDM Museum & Galleries and the Television Academy are jointly presenting the "Art of Television Costume Design," their 10th annual exhibition, saluting the work of this year's Emmy-nominated Costume Designers, Costume Supervisors, and Assistant Costume … Read More

  • Jul

    Mona May Chats With Harper's Bazaar About Clueless' Enduring Costume Design

    Costume Designer and FIDM Graduate Mona May chats with Harper's Bazaar about the enduring costume design from the iconic film, Clueless, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. "I have to say I am surprised about the staying power overall, but I'm not sur … Read More

  • Jul

    FIDM Alumna Costume Designer Hazel Alonzo Visits LA Campus

    Costume Designer FIDM Alumna Hazel Alonzo shared real stories from 20 years in the entertainment industry at an informal pizza lunch on the LA campus today. After completing her degree in Fashion Design, Hazel went on to the third year FIDM Costume Design pr … Read More

  • Jun

    Blackish Key Costume and FIDM Grad Debuts Launches Collection

    FIDM Graduate and Blackish key costumer Tashiba Jones-Wilson and her sister Zakiya M. Jones are introducing their ZMJ Denim collection at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza on Saturday, June 18, 2016, as part of BET Experience Weekend. The plus-size denim label is … Read More

  • Apr

    How to Become a Costume Designer

    Have you wondered how to become a costume designer? Los Angeles is the perfect place to learn how to become a costume designer for film or TV. With instructors from the industry, visits to movie sets, TV studios, and major costume houses, and guest speakers … Read More