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  • Jul

    Fashion Design Grad Is Director of Product Development for Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Co.


    Name: Allyson Ansusinha

    Title/Company: Director of Product Development for Appalatch

    FIDM Major: Fashion Design

    FIDM Grad Year: December 2011

    Tell us a little about yourself. I'm always itching to create and to work with my hands. I love textiles and clothing. I love being a maker of style, or as I like to say, a facilitator of communication. Style is communicating your personality to the world and I love being a part of that. I love walking outside and watching the wind blow through the trees, doing yoga, reading fiction, and weaving fabric. I try to be optimistic and always look on the bright side.

    What is Appalatch's mission? Our mission is to make high-quality, honest, accessible clothing in America. We want our clothing to have a wider reach than expensive luxury brands, but with the same quality. We create clothing with sentimental value, because we want it to be passed down through generations. We design with lasting style and quality to make that happen.

    What is a typical day like for you as Director of Product Development? A typical day will have me bouncing all over the place. Working at a start up means I wear many hats. Things are constantly changing, and I roll with the punches. I may start by thinking about design and meditating on a concept before diving into conversations about our direction with assistants. Once the mood is set I like to start with textiles; I work with the Stoll Knitwear software to program a knit design that's in my head, and knit a sample. Usually I have to edit and repeat that step a few times. Once I'm satisfied with the textile, I either drape or flat pattern the garment design. Being the Director of Product Development means that I design all of our products and think through exactly how they're going to be made. It's like a puzzle, and I love it.

    What is your favorite aspect of your job? I love how rewarding the finished product is. My creative process tends to be chaotic--ideas, fabric swatches, and garment samples pile up. Sometimes I feel like I have to swim through the studio. But when a collection is finished and I see all of the the beautiful textures, graphics and silhouettes I created with the help of my team I feel so satisfied. 

    How has FIDM helped you in your career? FIDM gave me an amazing foundation for working in this industry. My pattern making and sewing skills became super polished at FIDM, I learned to make tech packs (so important), and I learned how much work it really is to take the concept of a garment into reality.

    Any advice for current FIDM Students? Work your butt off. You really have to be ambitious and put forth the effort to better yourself and grow. Listen to your intuition and don't let anyone take advantage of you. Oh, also, sleep. It does your body, mind, and spirit good.


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  • Apr

    You're Invited: Current Fashion Knitwear Design Student Opens Store in Downtown L.A.'s Historic Core

    You're invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of Velazca, a new store in Downtown L.A.'s Historic Core, from current Fashion Knitwear Design Student Monica Velazca.  Details: April 17, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at 548 S. Spring St. R112, Los Angeles, CA 90014 … Read More

  • Mar

    FIDM Alumna Kristen Barnes Joins Stoll America

    Fashion Knitwear Design grad Kristen Barnes loves her job at Stoll, the company that manufactures knitting machines for the industry. "I've been pattern making, specifying, setting up yarn displays, steaming for production, learning how to run the program, and … Read More

  • Mar

    FIDM Alumna Designs Custom Knits for the Film Industry and the Designer Market

    Fashion Knitwear Design grad Chelsea Dowell is a Designer for Sule Kaya, owner of  Zoe Zeynap Knit Studio on Fairfax Avenue, in L.A. Chelsea works on one-of-a-kind garments for the film industry and private clients as well as private label knits for the design … Read More

  • Nov

    FIDM Fashion Knitwear Design Grad Lands Job at Jerry Leigh

    It took Katie Chick about two weeks after her 2013 graduation to land a job as an Assistant Designer at industry partner Jerry Leigh in Van Nuys. The job was posted as an internship on the FIDM  Career Network website, but eight days into it, the company offe … Read More

  • Oct

    Annual Textile Design & Fashion Knitwear Design Show at FIDM

      Students from the Textile Design and Fashion Knitwear Design programs showcased their work last night on FIDM's Downtown L.A. campus. The third floor display windows were awash in radiant colors. Tables displayed each graduating students' portfolio, as well … Read More

  • Sep

    Trendwatch: New Knitwear Promises Better Moods

    Speciality yarns, "imprinted with the healing energy of 30 trained healers," are being used by Fashion Designer Adam Jones in his debut collection for Yarnlight Collective. According to a report in The Financial Times, the line of pricey knitwear is aimed at … Read More

  • Aug

    Just Accepted Fashion Knitwear Design Student Already Has a BFA Degree

    Full Name: Kristine Rodriguez

 Age: 23

 Hometown: Ocean, New Jersey


FIDM Major: Fashion Knitwear Design 

FIDM Campus and Start Date: SD/LA, October 2013

 Admissions Advisor: Jamie Westfall

 Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a maker and cat person. K … Read More

  • Mar

    Industrywatch: Lily Aldridge Designs for Velvet

    Los Angeles-based T-shirt maker Velvet by Graham & Spencer is launching a new collection of knitwear in collaboration with Victoria's Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge. The 13-piece collection described as "laid-back luxe" combines contemporary basics with the … Read More

  • Feb

    Fashion Knitwear Design Student Featured on Cover of Vogue Knitting's Spring/Summer 2013 Issue

    Current Fashion Knitwear Design Student Zahra Jade Knott has already made the cover of Vogue Knitting for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue. Her design features a mesh sleeve dolman in Prism Tencel Tape Layers. Congratulations, Zahra!   Vogue Knitting Spring/Sum … Read More