Digital Media

Put your career in motion

We're plugged into the Entertainment industry. Ready to get in on the action? Whether creating animated 3-D characters for movies; designing high-speed action sequences for Xbox; or editing for film, television, and the web, Digital Media artists blend imagination and technical skills to create the sights and sounds that leave audiences begging for more.

What Our Students Learn

In our program students learn the skills to:

  • Communicate effectively through storytelling using written, visual, and audio components.
  • Research the craft behind storytelling, film, and television production.
  • Utilize software for 3-D modeling, digital storytelling, web design, and visual effects.
  • Assume leadership roles and collaborate in teams.
  • Convey a message using interplay between video and audio components of a project.
  • Contribute meaningfully to any creative and technical discussions from the very first day on the job.
  • Apply an historical, ethical, and global perspective to film development.


Students learn the techniques of digital cinema within a framework of storytelling and teamwork. Networking begins in the classroom with instructors who are working professionals. Internships are offered at companies such as Create Advertising and Greenhaus GFX, among others.

Digital Media students have the opportunity to work on many real-world projects including the DEBUT Runway Show, FIDM's annual fashion gala. The students can participate in all aspects of the show, from pre-production through post-production. Some even contribute to the show's overall design and feel.

The approach of the program's industry-savvy instructors ensures that students learn skills that are relevant and in-demand. FIDM Productions' Digital Media Center at the Los Angeles campus is a state-of-the industry production facility housing edit bays, machine rooms, an insert stage, and classrooms.Upon graduation, students will have compiled a diverse body of work that can be used to create a DVD portfolio/reel for distribution on the web or to show potential employers.

The classes are small, so you, your classmates, and the instructors become very close, almost like a family. The camaraderie was one of my favorite things about the program." -- Kyle Brosius, Digital Artist, E! Entertainment.

A Closer Look

The Digital Media Program provides students with a hands-on education in the digital arts from technical, creative, and ethical perspectives. The curriculum imparts comprehensive technical knowledge of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, including proficiency in editing, sound design, cinematography, lighting, and motion graphics. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of specialized careers in digital media with a focus on the entertainment industry.

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