Student Services

Assistance with living, working & studying

From Tutors to Personal Counselors, FIDM has a dedicated staff of professionals working to make your experience at FIDM the very best it can be. We look forward to helping you succeed while you're at FIDM and beyond.

Career Center


From the first day of class, students begin to integrate into a network of industry leaders, FIDM Faculty and influential FIDM Graduates. The Career Center works with FIDM Students and Graduates one-on-one to ensure a targeted and efficient job search.
The Career Center believes that what is learned in the FIDM classroom, combined with the experience gained from working alongside industry professionals, enhances career growth post-graduation. Career Center staff provides students and graduates with the best resources to help them hone the skills they have learned at FIDM and effectively apply them to the working world.
Some of those services include:

• One-on-one individual career advising and planning
• Resume and portfolio review
• Interviewing and networking assistance
• Part-time and full-time employment opportunities through Career Network
• Academic and paid internships through Career Network
• Volunteer opportunities
• Career Center events: Career Connections, Industry Partnership, Industry Expo, Open Portfolio Day, On-campus Recruitment, and Job Fairs
• Career Network: 24/7 access to connect directly to the Career Center; resources, documents, employment opportunities, industry job links, and appointment scheduling


Internships are opportunities for students to combine academic training with employment in fields related to their course of study. Students who are interested in gaining this type of “real life” experience should meet with a Career Advisor. To qualify, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average, have proof of medical insurance, and be in their second-to- last or last quarter of their program.

Virtual Portfolio is a web-based marketing tool for graduating students who maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Those who qualify will have the opportunity to launch their personalized websites to the over 26,000 industry employers in the Career Center database.


Industry Relations
Career Center staff constantly works to build and maintain relationships with employers to find quality industry jobs and internship leads within all the FIDM majors. Through on-campus recruitment, site visits, and job/internship postings, the Career Center stays in tune with the latest industry career trends. Jobs and internships are posted monthly in the Career Center employer database. Students may visit a Career Advisor to seek job leads, and graduates have access to job leads through the Alumni Job Search on the FIDM Portal.


College Services

College Services provides books, most supplies, and course-related resources to students to enable their full participation in coursework leading to the successful completion of their degree program.


The Housing Department is committed to helping students with their housing transition by assisting them with finding the plan that best suits their needs.  The Housing Department offers several services, including:

Student Housing: Consists of privately owned and operated apartment complexes with locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Numerous units in these apartment buildings have been reserved for FIDM Students only. This popular option creates an exciting community of FIDM Students in each location, with the assurance of being managed by the FIDM Housing staff.  Space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Independent Housing: Listings are available through the FIDM Portal and provide students with apartment and roommate referrals.  Students are responsible to contact the different apartment complexes and potential roommates directly, as FIDM Housing does not verify any listing.  The properties that are used by FIDM Student Housing are also available to students independently; however, the leasing packages and rates may vary.

Individual Development & Educational Assistance (IDEA Center)

The IDEA Center provides students assistance in the areas of writing, mathematics, computer competency, reading comprehension, study, research, and time management skills. 


The FIDM Library is a unique blend of resources and services focused on meeting the unique information and research needs of the FIDM community. There are four FIDM campus libraries, and the resources at each are curated to focus specifically on the program majors offered at each campus. Collections include: trend forecasting subscriptions that predict the future of design in the various industries including: fashion, interior design, and product development. The Los Angeles campus library maintains the largest, most diverse collections including a "Textile & Design Research Room" where students can explore and gain experience with materials and tools used in the various design industries. In addition, students can also access the renowned Materials ConneXion Library and database, draping fabrics and forms, and an extensive collection of fabric swatches, trims, and findings for projects. There is also a Special Collections section that includes rare and unique items reflecting the design aesthetic of the mid-19th and 20th centuries. The Library's electronic resources collection includes ebooks and research databases that are accessible on and off-campus, as well as on mobile devices. No matter where students are located, the Library's resources are always available and accessible to inform and inspire.

Personal Counseling

The Personal Counseling Department provides counseling support for all students who self-refer or are referred in by staff or faculty to address emotional, social, and academic issues pertaining to their personal and professional goals.  The counseling session focuses on basic counseling needs such as problem solving, conflict resolution, goal setting, communication improvement, time management and stress management related to academic and personal issues, as well as crisis counseling.  Mental health related referrals for licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, as well as clinics and agencies, are provided to all students who are seeking mental health and healthcare support while attending FIDM.  All counseling sessions are held in a supportive, safe, and confidential environment.  In the event of any emotional situation or crisis, students should contact a personal counselor for an appointment  immediately. If the student has an urgent need to speak with a counselor and the counselor is not immediately available, please contact the Front Desk. FIDM will make every attempt to reach a Personal Counselor, a family member or friend, or they will call 911.


The Registrar’s Office manages student records, produces strategic reports, and supports the college’s mission by facilitating students timely program completion. The Registrar’s Office (LA, SF) and Education Department (OC, SD) provide the following services:

• Verifies enrollment, including student deferments
• Provides Veterans Administration Enrollment Certification*
• Processes FIDM transcript requests
• Issues Late Registration Forms
• Supplies Advisement Sheets listing the quarterly sequence of courses for each program/major
• Provides registration materials and the Schedule of Classes on tables outside the office prior to web registration for each quarter (also available online on the FIDM Portal)
• Processes grades submitted by instructors

(Note: Questions regarding a specific grade should be directed to the instructor or the Education Department)


*Students should contact the VA Education Specialist at the Orange County campus.