Student Advisement

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The Student Advisement Office assists with the advancement and completion of a student's academic program by providing counseling and support for all aspects of the FIDM educational experience.

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence


Each academic program is considered an uninterrupted sequence.  If it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw or take a leave from the college, a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form must be completed with the Student Advisement Office.  An Approved Leave of Absence may be taken for only one full quarter.  Any student taking an Unapproved Leave of Absence or withdrawing from the college after the sixth week of classes may incur repeat fees as well as book, supply, and course-related resource fees.  Students on a Leave of Absence are required to continue their schedule of payments and are eligible to receive assistance from the Career Center.  Students receiving a Cal Grant award must also notify the California Student Aid Commission of their Leave of Absence or they will lose their award.

• Regarding Refund Information:  A refund will be calculated when a student either withdraws from all classes or takes an Unapproved Leave of Absence.  Students are reminded that when a refund is calculated based upon a student’s Leave of Absence, it is the student’s responsibility to reapply for all financial aid prior to returning to the college.



Tuition Arrangements are made for each academic year of study at FIDM.  Current tuition information is available in the Student Advisement Office. 

Fees Purpose
$3.00 FIDM Transcript
A written request must be sent to the Registrar's Office with the correct fee. Allow a minimum of five working days for processing transcripts.
$25.00 Late Registration fee
$15.00 Duplicate degree fee
Variable Additional 3-unit class
$350.00 CARE challenge fee (per 3 units)
$25.00 Non-sufficient funds check charge

Repeating a failed course*

6 units – repeat fee $1,500.00
3 units – repeat fee $750.00
2 units – repeat fee $500.00
1 unit – repeat fee  $250.00

*Subject to increase in books & supplies

$850.00 Developmental Writing, plus books & supplies
  • Students will be subject to a repeat fee of $250.00 for each unit failed. Book, supply, and course-related resource fees are applied at the time a class is failed. 
  • Three (3)-hour, zero (0)-unit courses such as GNST 0400 Writing Skills or GNST 0450 Math Skills are subject to a repeat fee of $750.00.

Repeating a passing course

Students who repeat a course in order to improve their grade point average (GPA) are subjected to the full course fee (not the failed course repeat fee).


Fees are effective Fall 2013

Scholarship Information
*  Visit your Student Advisor for latest scholarship resources.
* Utilize the FIDM Scholarship Foundation Research Interns to assist you with outside scholarships. Offices are located in the FIDM Scholarship Store.
* Visit the FIDM Portal for scholarship reference books.
* View the scholarship web site at