Welcome to the Career Center

Career advice and resources for students and alumni

From the first day of class, students begin to integrate into a network of industry leaders, FIDM Faculty, and nearly 65,000 influential FIDM Alumni. The dedicated Career Center Staff works with FIDM Students and Alumni one–on–one to ensure a targeted and efficient job search. Our grads are highly marketable, and we have a strong placement rate across all of our majors. Everything about our curriculum and resources is geared toward ensuring that our grads are highly sought-after in the marketplace. Follow 3 simple steps to your next job!

FIDM Students

FIDM firmly believes hands-on experience is an integral part of education. That’s why the Career Center assists students in finding part–time positions in their respective fields during their time at FIDM.

  • On–campus recruitment and job fairs throughout the year with opportunities for students to interview for part–time jobs that can lead to career positions after graduation.
  • Advisors help students choose appropriate employment opportunities.
  • The Career Center offers a variety of services that assist students in marketing themselves to the industry as professionals.
  • Students from all four campuses have access to the same job leads.
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FIDM Alumni

Practical experience combined with industry-directed curriculum puts FIDM Graduates in high demand. And an unparalleled professional network creates the stage for greatness.

  • Graduates have access to the alumni job search website, with a database of thousands employer contacts nationwide and more than 1,600 new job postings each month.
  • Career Center services are available to FIDM Alumni for as long as they choose to work in the industries FIDM serves.
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