Fashion Internships

An integral step into a successful career

In today’s competitive field, internships are a must when it comes to launching a successful career. Internships in the fashion industry also allow you to get an insider’s look at a particular company. Not only will you receive hands-on training and a chance to see which department suits you best, but also many internships lead to full-time employment.

Many colleges offer school credit in exchange for internships or are built directly into the curriculum. Conversely, fashion companies often require that an intern is receiving school credit for their internship so it helps to be enrolled at a respected, well-connected fashion college.

As a fashion intern, you can expect to work for designers, retailers, costume designers, and stylists. This type of access to top brands and businesses gives you an incredible advantage when it comes time to graduation and job searching.

With access to an impressive network of thousands of employers nationwide, FIDM’s Career Center works one-on-one with students to find the right internship.