Tuition & Financial Aid

A guide to financing your education

FIDM is an approved college for students to use CAL GRANTS A, B & C.

An education at FIDM is one of the most rewarding investments you can make, especially with degreed programs that are practical and career-focused. And while FIDM offers tremendous value through its targeted curriculum, the hands-on experience and industry connections we offer are priceless.

Where can a student get information about financial aid?
FIDM Student Financial Services office.
Who should a student see about his/her schedule of payments?
A Student Financial Services Fiscal Counselor.
How are financial aid funds credited?
Aid cannot be paid until the student registers and attends classes. Financial aid is disbursed/credited on a quarter-to-quarter basis, with the exception of external grants and stipends. Occasionally a student may have been awarded financial aid and cash payments that exceed tuition and fee expenses. In some instances, funds are not fully credited until the end of the academic year. These policies are not determined by the college, but by the federal or state government that issues the funds. Once excess funds are available, a check will be issued to the student.
Is there any difference between a loan and a grant?
Yes. Aid received in the form of a loan must be repaid in accordance with the terms and conditions on the promissory note. A grant is a gift that does not require repayment.
How do students remain eligible for financial aid?
Student are strongly encouraged to review and follow the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidance in the Student Consumer Information Handbook (available from the Student Financial Services Office). Most types of aid require the student to maintain at least half-time attendance. A student Financial Services Fiscal Counselor can answer questions about changes or new requirements.
Do financial aid requirements and programs change?
Yes. The federal and state agencies administering these programs can change eligibility requirements or award amounts. The Student Financial Services staff can answer any questions about changes or new requirements.