Bachelor of Science in Business Management Degree Program

Choosing a path to success

Who can apply?

This degree program is open to applicants who possess an A.A., Professional Designation A.A., or Advanced Study A.A. from FIDM.

More about the program

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management is a comprehensive study program for FIDM Associate of Arts graduates who desire to enhance their education in the areas of Global Management and Entrepreneurship.

Combining creative thinking and business acumen is not only “the hottest trend in business culture today;1” it’s the very core of our Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management program. Created with the input of executives from the leading fashion, entertainment, and action sport companies, our B.S. Degree program builds upon the creative skills and hands-on learning acquired in the A.A. program by teaching business disciplines such as finance, human resources, and organizational and leadership techniques.

When students layer the FIDM Bachelor’s Degree onto their FIDM Associates Degree, they graduate with the enhanced knowledge and skill set necessary to be highly competitive in the rapidly evolving global marketplace, whether they plan to rise to an executive role in an existing company or launch their own business.

Program Offered

Business Management (also available online in some states and internationally)

What next?

Students may also choose to obtain an Advanced Study Degree from FIDM before or after acquiring their FIDM Bachelor’s Degree.

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1. Matt Symonds, “Weaving Creative Careers into an MBA Mix,” Business Week.

*All FIDM Art and Design majors accredited by NASAD.
All FIDM programs are accredited by WASC.

Due to recent changes issued by the US Department of Education regarding state approval for distance learning, students in some states may not be eligible for FIDM's eLearning program. No assumptions of availability should be made on the part of the student until checking with FIDM's eLearning Department.